Do you have a knack for numbers and balancing budgets? Legacy Event Planners, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and leading event management company in Raleigh, is seeking a talented volunteer to assist in business finance and accounting for our clients.

In 2013, Legacy is organizing an all-day yoga retreat, street festival on Glenwood South, a nonprofit fundraiser, and much more. Volunteers will gain valuable experience managing each event’s budget and ensuring that clients meet their profit goals. Additionally, volunteers will have the opportunity to build a portfolio of their work that will benefit them in their future job search.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Helping clients create a realistic budget based on maximum profitability for each event
  • Monitoring each event budget to ensure that client’s are staying within the budget and meeting their financial goals
  • Post-event evaluation of the financial outcomes of each event

This is a great opportunity for recent college grads, job seekers, those looking to re-enter the workforce or make a career switch!  Volunteers will gain business experience and professional work skills.  If interested, please contact Feel free to include your resume!