Hillsborough St. Renaissance Festival 

Developing and managing this event launched Legacy in Spring of 2009. To this day the Hillsobrough Street Renaissance Festival has been LEP’s biggest event raising approximately $5,000 and 300 pairs of shoes for its benefit charities Engineers Without Borders, MorLove and Soles4Souls, respectively. The all day eco-friendly celebration showcased green technology, local vendors, sustainable artisans, featured an eco-friendly fashion show, an organic cook-off, pig’n’pie barbeque, and alternative fuel vehicles. The event was planned by over 100 students and community volunteers and despite the pouring rain, Hillsborough Street Renaissance Festival sold out with more than 6,000 attendees. The festival was the catalyst for creating Legacy and illustrated that students, families, and professionals are able to unite for a common cause, benefit local and global communities, and have fun while doing it!