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Jenn Halweil is an entrepreneur with experience in marketing and business development.  While studying Media Communication and Electrical Engineering at NCSU, she met Joseph Weil and Will McGuire, who all developed a company to bring the community together.  Her goal was to raise environmental awareness, as well as raise money for local charities.  Halweil's goal for Legacy is to expand the service learning program, which provides college students with hands on professional experience, as well as open Legacy chapters throughout North Carolina.   "Five years from now, I envision Legacy chapters across the country, ten years from now, maybe even internationally."

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Mor Aframian is a social entrepreneur with a penchant for fashion and passion for the environment. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Textile and Apparel Product Development and Management and a Master's of Science in Social Entrepreneurship and Economic development from the College of Textiles, NCSU. Currently, Aframian is the Executive Director of Legacy Event Planners, managing the internship program, maintaining relationship with clients, and creating strategies for growth and expansion. Aframian is also one of the co-founders and the director of community outreach of Redress Raleigh, an eco fashion organization promoting local designers, providing educational workshops, and supporting social initiatives. Her experiences includes development and management of a variety of events such as fashion shows, workshops, and benefit shows and also have experience with marketing/PR, graphic design, and social media.


Joseph Weil is an engineer and also studied at NCSU where he met Jenn Halweil and Will McGuire.  While in school, he was searching for a creative outlet as a break from his studies, which led him to create Legacy with the two other founders.  In his goal of connecting the community, Weil is always looking for unique companies to partner with, which would help build Legacy's presence in the event planning business.  His hopes for Legacy are to continue to bring student the experience opportunity, and hire those from a wider varitey of colleges.  Also, Weil hopes Legacy will continue planning events year to year that people can look forward to and become a staple in the community.


Sarah Plonk is a North Carolina native, born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina.  In 2009 Sarah moved to Raleigh to attend NC State University.  As 2013 graduate from NCSU, Sarah plans to remain in Raleigh as the Project Manager for Legacy Event Planners, supplying local events with her detail-oriented event production.  Previously, Sarah has produced YogaFest NC 2012 with Legacy Event Planners.  Plonk aspires to bring the community together by putting on events with a lasting impact.  


Interns & Volunteers

Steve Addeo is a graphic designer, illustrator and animator, whose talents have been sought out up and down the East Coast of the United States and across North America. He received his B.A. in Integrative Arts from Penn State in 2007 and has been working to develop his skills in a professional environment ever since.

For many years, Steve worked as an in-house graphic designer for a local company creating business to business marketing collateral as well creating installation diagrams for the systems this company sold. As his skills developed, he began to freelance his spare time to individuals who needed to recruit his talents.

In 2009 Steve created his production company, Rabid Skwerl Productions, to be a go-to place for creative minds to collaborate on projects. His first undertaking was a series of web cartoons, some of which gained international acclaim. When he’s not working on visual projects, Steve enjoys listening to and creating music, reading, writing, and expanding his knowledge about the world around him.

In 2011 he received an offer to take over the marketing department from his full-time job where his responsibilities grew from simply creating print ads to an entire rebranding of the company’s image which included a major refurbishing of their entire website. Taking on projects, such as this, has brought Steve’s talents into the twenty-first century by adding skills such as web design and social media marketing.

He currently lives in North Jersey near the people who, he says, inspire him most. He can be contacted at